Waking Up.




Fall Break!


Thank you to Alex Di Leo for the song: I’ve Been Waiting!!!! He is an Alternative/ Indie Rock/Pop Singer-Songwriter and he is an amazing person! I’m so excited to be getting to know him and his music is absolutely amazing <3 His spotify is https://open.spotify.com/artist/7DxXCQhYeP9YYtxBCmIQcY  He is dropping a new single along with a video for it comin out in 11 days!!! (October 24!) Be sure to check it out!!! It would mean a great deal to both him and I!!!


Now that Avery is in Virginia, I have began to reminisce back on the great memories we had together. Avery and I took a trip up to Sewanee. We spent the day canoeing in the pond, eating, laughing, driving around on the Kubota… We found a little graveyard and a little house that looked like it’s only purpose was to party in. We picked flowers, found a caterpillar, and went fishing only to have Avery’s fishing line completely snapped of by a catfish, which was surprising because we used dog treats as bait. No matter the 600 miles, I will be right by your side and will drop everything just to come see you. I miss you already and it has just been a few days. I know you are dearly missed and we all loved your radiant positive energy and smile. You are such a beautiful (inside and out) friend to me and everyone you impacted. I love you!