You Me and Them

We are all loosely tided strings

Some are tied in a knot, who knows when it will come un-done

if ever

Others are frayed at the ends,

While the rest are falling all apart.

They succumb to a state of serenity when love comes around

Then visit a place in their minds that have unrealistic expectations

That cover the walls of their minds,

Like a map but it does not show any destinations.

I’ve been told that there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

but right now, my coffee is cold.

Don’t fall asleep just yet,

Because contrary to popular belief that is not where dreams get accomplished.

Future you is just past you with new molecules

We shoot the old ones out and bring new discoveries and become who we truly are.

But what I mean to say is

“Never give up” “Always be yourself”

And you may get tired of hearing that over and over as you get older

but no matter what you’re a born natural.

You are going to have a choice in the world,

Do you want to see it as ugly or beautiful?

You are as strong as an oak as well as Hercules

Get that through your brain, inject it in your vein.

And right now you aren’t sinking, you are just kicking it at sea level

But you are the reflection of the greats that came before you.

So, Cheers!

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